3 Tips When Exploiting Lyric Videos

3 Tips for Lyric VideosContent is still king of the global music and entertainment industry. Unfortunately, in today’s saturated digital ecosystem, simply creating attractive or innovative content for your fans probably won’t be enough for your band to cut through. In 2015, Artists need to work smarter and should seek to maximize their return on everything released to the wild. For instance, lyric video have stolen the spotlight for many Artists, as they’ve become the main source of generating creative leverage. It is quite uncommon for modern acts, indie to AAA, to NOT include at least 1 lyric video in their pre-album/EP release campaigns. So why all the love for lyric videos? Well, they’re cheap, quick to produce and offer endless opportunities to flex the creativity of your brand. Since the concept of a lyric video is basic, a band can manipulate and design their lyric video experience to be as complex or as easy-going as their fans warrant.  However, make no doubt, lyric videos shouldn’t just be thrown together just because everyone else is doing it.  All content must be strategic these days – including lyric videos.  Here’s 3 ways to maximize the exploitation of your lyric video.

1.  Tour Campaigns

Many acts like to brand their tour campaign to align with the elements highlighted in their album art. With a whole slew of promotional materials working in synergy with an overarching design idea, you should include a lyric video in the same style to hammer the concept home.  Think to use the lyric video platform to create an extension to the experience that fans will have at their local venue.  Example, perhaps stream lyrics (in the official album font, of course) over the album cover during a show, just to keep the art positioned in the front of fans minds. The more fans warm up and fall in love with the visual world, the more eager they will be to grab the official merchandise in order to feel like part of the expereince.

2.  Create the 1 – 2 Punch

Some lyric videos may be viewed passively (i.e. without the user actually focusing on the words on screen,) but many super-fans use lyric videos to actually memorize the words to their favorite songs. I definitely do (#LouisLovesLyrics) as the process is much more engaging and fun than reading the words plain-text style.  Think about using your lyric video as a stepping-stone to a live music video shoot. Think of ways to engage your fans through contests and user generated content to hype them up for the shoot – like submitting clips of sing-alongs for instance. Make the night of the video shoot an experience fans will never forget, and with the help of lyric video promotion, you can create a live video that will bolster your act’s EPK.

3.  Merchandise Innovation

Lyrics can be an extremely intimate point of connection with individual fans.  Merch is a prime object that many fans will eat up – showcasing offerings directed towards them that include their favorite verses or lines.  Lyrics are far more than a single song – they are potentially numerous forms of merch ideas and product.  In fact, a quick search of your favorite band will surely produce user generated content, statuses, and image captions plastered in song lyrics. By listening to your fans, and paying attention to the words that mean the world to them, bands can generate smaller, limited runs of specialized merchandise and art.  The personal and more exclusive nature of these items will increase their attractiveness, and also diminish the likeliness of returning from tour with excess product.

Guest Writer: Louis Pratt serves as the 2015 Artist Liaison in North America and Western Europe for Frascogna Entertainment Law.  As a direct day to day connector for Clients – keeping them relevant at labels and initiating endorsements, Louis is an important glue in allowing Artist to be Artist, yet separating the relevant business opportunities and reporting them to legal counsel. Equipped with a Bachelors degree tailored to the future music industry from State University of New York of Oneonta, Louis continues to be the crème de la crème by finalizing a Masters in Global Entertainment and Music Business from the iconic Berklee College of Music (Valencia, Spain).

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