The Anti-360 Deal & 4 Crucial Components

The 360 mentality isn’t a new industry concept.  Also referred to as multiple rights deals, collateral entertainment activity agreements, or collective agreements – these beasts have been taking advantage of musicians for decades but have recently been adopted as “the norm” for artist label relations. What’s fascinating, however, about the unique music ecosystem of today is that a label’s blunder may equate to opportunity somewhere else. Now more than ever, opportunity lurks around every corner for emerging groups. In today’s market, if you don’t want to sign a 360, don’t. Because many emerging avenues exist that essentially create an “Anti-360 Deal” formula.

But anti-360 deals must have a downside – right? Unlike the traditional record relationship, anti-360 deals generate new concerns that must be analysed. Instead of dissecting royalty percentages, territory rights, publishing and multi rights that naturally emerge with traditional deals, the four areas below remain critical points when evaluating the effectiveness of anti-360 deals:


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