Legal Implications With Crowdfunding Projects

Make no mistake about it, Amanda Palmer achieved the impossible. Who would have thought an indie artist could successful raise $1,000,000+ via crowdfunding, an amount which rivals most label release budgets? Well, lots of people thought this was possible, not to mention an entire community of indie musicians. Amanda would likely be the first to say it was a perfect orchestration of luck, personality, fan connection, and unremitting work to pull off such feat. Her navigation into the unknown was handled flawlessly, resulting in a marvellous project in the making and a world of inspired indie musicians. This is a good thing. This is a very very good thing.
Raising millions via crowdfunding doesn’t come without questions, and more so, legal implications. Where does all the money go? Is there a legal obligation to investors? Because Amanda’s successful Kickstarter will inevitably inspire others to initiate crowd funding campaigns, artists can avoid future pitfalls by implementing the following techniques:
For the first time EVER, I’m sending everyone to the MIDEM BLOG for the full story.  This article was their idea.  Enjoy.
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