The 4 Keys to D2F Success

Direct to Fan (D2F), the process of getting information from artist to fans without the need of middleman brokering, has become the standard release tool used by indie artists.  D2F is convenient, a logical technique used to maximise potential earnings, while providing fans with music they want to hear and projects they want to buy.

The amount of “product” available within the D2F model has no limit.  Often products are condensed to the traditional bundle of music/merch/tickets, but can extend into non-physical product such as streaming video, home concerts, private endorsements, or album credits.

Despite control and flexibility there is still a large gap between churning a profit and hitting the red financially by using D2F techniques. Assuming you’re looking to make a living with D2F tactics, four fundamental principals may assist an artist in turning projects into cash instead of overstocked inventory.  Read HERE at the MIDEM BLOG

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