4 Ways To Gain International Exposure

Everyday I’m hit with the same question from potential clients – “how can I gain international exposure?” The reality, that question is loaded with so many moving factors it can takes months to dissect musicians and potential international markets in order to give a competent answer. International expansion is tedious and it requires the expertise of professionals who know the global scene. In an age where international expansion is necessary, it’s frustrating to watch talented artists haphazardly tackle these elements. However, for the ones who don’t want to invest in extensive music globalization help, here are 4 DIY factors to consider. These factors are by no means the magic bullet, they are not exhaustive, and they do not guarantee overseas success. However based on compiled research over the last couple years, this is an accurate basic representation of the mass-market generic pill if you want to expand. Just as this site accurately predicted The Next Big Music Markets over one year ago, Vegas odd on these tips are pretty good.

1. Target Italy
Italy’s music market is a vexing animal. Italian musicians contribute less than 7% to the Billboard European Chart and less only 1% on the Global Top 100 Chart. By no means is the country a juggernaut of a music market and is doubtful to become a self-sustaining musical ecosystem like L.A., London, and New York. However Italy brings something to the international exposure table in large numbers that nobody else claims in today’s down economy- tourism, tourism, tourism! Italy packs close to 20+ million tourists into their country every year, primarily in the summer months. This is about one tourist to ever 2.5 Italians, and because of this Italy’s tourist should be targeted like no other. Italian tourists come from all over. Figures suggest every year Italy draws tourism from close to 60% of the countries on the world map, substantially higher than any other tourist destination. Best of all, Italy’s tourist want to soak up everything Italian – music, culture, and music.

2. Understand The Regions
Italy consists of 20 various regions, all of which could essentially be different countries with different market trends. What makes this unique is the microcosm of countries involved. For example, French tourist may migrate to Italy’s Northern borders, and Japanese tourist may congregate to the South. If your music is well accepted by Germans, you may then target German tourism hotbeds within Italy. The fact you’ll be heard in Italy only enhances your market value when Germans run back to their respected homes.

3. Find a Non-traditional Retailer
Italy’s mass-market music chains are in the toilet, even more so than the rest of the globe. However Italy’s non-traditional music retailers are booming. Musicians from all over the globe have found Italy’s non-traditional outlets a huge success as many now solely focus upon these outlets even over iTunes. Because Italy is experiencing a tremendous climb in the amount of non-Italian artist carving out success, non-traditional outlets are even more in tune to partner with non-Italian artists.

4. Make a New Best Friend
Italy is swarming with music festivals, mainly focused upon the local level within each individual region. For this reason alone you rarely hear about Italy’s booming music festival market from festival lovers. Believe me, the music festivals are there, just not internationally promoted. As most countries have promoters that control the festival market, Italy has the assessore alla cultura. These individual are typically appointed within each region, city, or town and control all the cultural events in their respected pocket. Unlike region promoters, assessore alla cultura will be the gatekeeper for all entertainment coming and going, and more so will be interested in booking non-Italian entertainment.

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