4 Must Read Music Industry Books

The book industry is cluttered with music products that claim to be the leading “must read” sources for professionals. The reality-there is as much trash out there as MySpace has garage bands. In weeding through the rubbish, there truly several books which continue to provide staple information. The true “must reads” amongst the group of garbage. A music industry book library should be diverse, ranging from basic to complex, but hitting all the taste buds on your musical pallet along the way. Just like anything there should be a good foundation which supports the concepts to be pilled on for generations to come. For bands, managers, labels, and agents looking to push the boundary into an overseas market and fill your head with the best industry knowledge, here are the four music industry books you must read:

1. This Business of Artist Management
There’s a reason it’s in a 4th edition and continues to be one of Billboard’s best selling books—it’s a classic! It doesn’t matter if you read it now, or ten years from now, the concepts will always apply. Unlike its counterpart, This Business of Music (also a good read), This Business of Artists Management lays out concepts and terminology which can be applied by all professionals, whether a musician, attorney, or label. Once you wet your pallet with This Business of Artist Management, move along to –

2. The Future of Music
The book taps into essential concepts which were published at the appropriate time. In the past, industry books focused on the dinosaur model-molding musicians with labels as opposed to merging musicians with an industry DIY model. The Future of Music strokes the tip of the iceberg, transitioning into the now booming digital marketplace. Slightly outdated, the missing issues (ie: Soundcloud, updated statistics, etc..) are irrelevant. The Future of Music is sure to provide an eye opening experience for musicians when viewing raw industry numbers as to what makes albums a success. Feel like you’ve got a good grasp as to where the industry is heading? Move along –

3. When Cultures Collide
Correct, it’s not a music industry book, however When Cultures Collide may be one of the most relevant sources in today’s music economy. Why? As the dinosaur model shifted to a digital DYI age, the current pendulum swing is pushing international boundaries. Recommendations one and two won’t get you there, but When Cultures Collide provides quick and simple concepts to help identify country by country behavior nuances. The book should act as a day to day reference guide when you want to know about expanding into particular target areas. Ready to rev up the plane and head overseas for music tours? Review –

4. How to Market & Promote Your Music (International Book Series)

The industry is steamrolling through borders while musicians and labels can develop DIY international swell to combat dismal domestic statistics. Expanding into international markets is easier said than done, and there isn’t a product on the market that solely provides specific information about expanding country by country. Now, this book does. Similar books have failed to highlight A to Z information on international expansion simply because they attempted to tackle the issue decades before it became relevant. Not only does this series provide essential information about varying music cultures, it identifies when to tour abroad, how to obtain international radio play, etc. Most importantly it provides a working contact directory for all the major players in A&R, labels, attorneys, managers, production companies, and publishers. Try to find that anywhere else. The first three releases in the series are:
How to Market and Promote Music in SWEDEN
How to Market and Promote Music in ITALY

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